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Nutrition Stop storefront
Nutrition Stop has proudly served St. Charles County since 1986, offering the best organic natural grocery, vitamins, supplements, and personal holistic health support in the industry. We are committed to being a resource, cultural center, and inspiration for our community in addition to being a beacon for holistic health, individual sovereignty, and personal autonomy. Each ingredient, product, brand, and employee are carefully vetted to ensure they match our quality of service and ethical standards. Our store is free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, food additives, pesticides, and ingredients you can't identify or pronounce. Local, Organic, Fair-Trade, B-Corporation, ITAL Certification, and Non-GMO Project Verification are paramount.

Our staff are cast as themselves and our wish is that anyone who walks through our door is able to be comfortable and their true authentic self. Nutrition Stop is a LifeStyle Center for folks searching for meaning, acceptance, cleanliness, and answers. We offer complimentary Yoga as a way to give back to our customers and value the community resonance it provides. 

Meet Our Staff

Ryan Mustone, Co-Owner and Manager of Nutrition Stop

Ryan Mustone, Co-Owner | Store Manager

Ryan Mustone was Manager of Nutrition Stop for a period of three years between 2009-2012 after which he left for volunteer work on Hawaiian farms that ranged from avocado orchards and noni production grows to kava-kava and coffee operations which broadened his understanding of the other side of the industry. For close to a decade, he served as a wholesale broker and educator in the natural products industry servicing over 150 health food stores across the Midwest for top manufacturers in the natural products space, learning directly from researchers at the forefront of health. He is a dedicated Wim Hof practitioner, avid hiker, canoeist, world traveler, father, and husband. His mother battled cancer on and off over his childhood that sparked his interest in alternative healing that led him down the natural path enriching his mind with holistic solutions to heal. He loves canoeing, backpacking, hiking, Phish, and is dedicated to inspiring folks to remember we have an innate ability to heal, naturally.  ~Surrender to the Flow~


 Dr. Jeremy, Co-owner of Nutrition Stop

Dr. Jeremy Schiermeyer, Co-Owner

Dr. Jeremy has been helping people in the St. Charles area reach their health goals since 2011. His years of experience in the chiropractic field has helped many find relief and restore their lives. From balancing hormones, healing gut health, overcoming chronic illnesses, his knowledge and experience with homeopathies, nutrition and supplements are renowned. As new co-owner of Nutrition Stop, he has made it his goal to make sure everybody has access to the nutritional building blocks to health.


Jody Kennedy, Assistant Manager of Nutrition Stop

Jody Kennedy, Assistant Manager

Jody's holistic wellness service experience is comprised of 4 years as a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist in Hawaii, several years as Director of a massage school and holistic wellness clinic and, most recently, 5 years as Manager of the Natural Living/Vitamins & Body Care Department with Fresh Thyme Market.  The better part of her career was spent in the corporate world and legal profession specializing in project management. She is a Certified Reiki Master and a passionate advocate for the Wim Hof Method, meditation and other self-healing modalities.  In time outside of Nutrition Stop she loves living in the country surrounded by nature, traveling, hiking, biking, kayaking, meditating, "Wim Hoffing", spending time with friends and, most of all, family, not the least of which is a very savvy feline named Katsu.

Barbara Anderson, Co-Owner of Nutrition Stop

Barbara Anderson, Yoga Instructor | Events Coordinator

Barbara’s pursuit to wellness stems from her 25-year journey of successfully living and thriving with Crohn’s Disease, without pharmaceutical intervention. She comes equipped with an Emotional Release Therapist background, and certificates in Kundalini and Hatha Yoga instruction. She also worked as a Team Trainer for Whole Foods in Salt Lake City and is an experienced brand ambassador and educator. She is also the proud mother of Cassius, her nine-year old daughter, and a devoted wife. Her passions include family, food, a love for travel, spending time outdoors, and her cats.


 Dawn Jones, Staff Member at Nutrition Stop

Dawn Jones, 23 Year Veteran at Nutrition Stop

Dawn has been working at Nutrition Stop for the last 23 years. She comes from a background in the dental field. Healthy lifestyle has always been a passion of Dawn's. She enjoys helping our customers make informed decisions regarding their health needs.

Consciousness Z

Consciousness Z, Store Mascot