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Welcome to Nutrition Stop

At Nutrition Stop we are dedicated to the well-being of our community. We have earned a reputation in the St. Charles area of being THE place to go to for personalized, holistic health care and affordable organic food.

  • Local

    We work with local farmers & growers in the community to bring you humanely raised grass fed + finished meat, fresh eggs, dairy, raw organic honey, and a plethora of organic fruits, veggies, mushrooms, and nutrient dense microgreens.

  • Strict Standards

    Shopping for healthy products doesn't have to be a chore. At Nutrition Stop, we screen the ingredients before each and every item hits our shelves. You won't find anything in our store containing harmful chemicals, preservatives, or additives.

  • Natural Solutions

    Our expert staff are committed to providing natural and organic solutions to the health care needs of our community. We have a staff of trusted professionals who have done their research and are ready to help create a healthier you.

  • Family Owned

    We are an independent, family owned small business that has been in operation since 1986. Founded as a respite for wellness, Nutriton Stop has grown to be a beacon of health, education, and a fun cultural center in St. Charles County.


Vitamins & Supplements

We have a wide selection of clean, premium vitamins and supplements from the most trusted brands in the industry today.

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Organic Grocery

Our grocery section is packed with locally sourced, humanely raised grass-fed and finished meat, eggs, dairy, and more. Our selection of fresh, 100% organic produce is free from pesticides and GMOs.

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Natural Body Care

We offer natural skin and hair care products including essential oil, bath salts, hand made soap, natural shampoo, aluminum free deodorant, fluoride free toothpaste, and much, much more.

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Protein Powders

We carry a wide range of protein powders, both animal and plant-based, from industry-leading brands, conveniently accessible both in-store and online.

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Pet Care

Explore our extensive selection of all-natural pet care solutions, including food, treats, essential multivitamins, probiotics, and grooming products for your canine and feline friends.

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Organic Wine & Clean Spirits

Our store now proudly stocks organic wine and clean spirits sourced from local distributors. Swing by today to explore our fresh lineup, featuring organic wine, whiskey, vodka, gin, mixers, and convenient cocktails in a can. Your next favorite drink awaits.

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  • "Ryan, the knowledge you have and that you share with us is absolutely amazing. You are truly a gift from God to give us information about how we can live our best lives with proper nutrition and supplements. Thank you a million times for everything!!!"

    - Angie

  • "No where else would I have had the conversations and connections that I did today at Nutrition Stop! You guys are awesome!"

    - Heather

  • "Nutrition Stop is THE place to maximize your overall health and well-being. The staff is highly trained, knowledgeable and will take the time to listen to your needs and make the appropriate recommendations. Highly recommend!"

    - Scott

  • "Came here for a free yoga session and left with so many organic goodies and gained knowledge on supplements. The yoga was exactly what I needed and so is this pesto pizza!"

    - Ashley

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