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Weight Training Most Important Exercise for Older Adults

Muscle loss, called sarcopenia, in older adults decreases their quality of life and increases their risk of injury, bone loss and loss of independence.  It's a serious health issue that drives up health care costs for all of us.  Muscle loss is not inevitable as we age.  At least six studies have shown that weight training in older adults prevents muscle loss, reduces the difficulty performing daily tasks, increases muscle protein synthesis, enhances energy expenditure and body composition and builds strength.  Weight training is even more effective if it's accompanied by amino acid or protein supplements.  Several, but not all, studies have shown that supplementing the diet of weight training older adults with essential amino acids before or after exercise increases the rate of muscle protein synthesis by 70-100 percent.  Aerobics and flexibility exercises are also beneficial, but weight training is the most important exercise for older adults.  It's the key to maintaining vitality and vigor with aging.  (Sports Medicine, 34: 329-348, 2004)