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Tomatoes after Prostate Cancer Surgery

Urologists have been telling us for years that eating tomato products helps prevent prostate cancer.  This presumably is due to their lycopene content.  Lycopene is an antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals, which are waste products of the body's metabolism.  Evidence now suggests that - as is true for so many natural substances - you are better off getting your lycopene from its primary food source, tomatoes, but you can buy lycopene in the form of a supplement if you don't or can't eat tomatoes.  According to a recent study from India, once you have had a prostate cancer removed,  lycopene supplements may help improve your chance of survival.  My idea is, whether or not you take the lycopene supplements, be sure to eat lost of tomatoes too - in pasta, salads, juice, pizza, or try some of the recipes found in the website for your tomato quota.