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Relief for Dry Eyes

The cure for an eye complaint that affects 59 million Americans may be as simple as boosting intake of fish and flaxseed oil.  Presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Research and Ophthalmology, a new and largest-ever study shows conclusively that in many patients, "dry eye" is actually a dietary deficiency of omega-3 oils.  Omega-3's are essential fatty acids needed by eyes, lids, and tear film in order to function optimally, but which the body cannot produce.  They can be found in cold water fish and flaxseeds, as well as in some other foods and supplements.  These same omega-3 oils have also been recommended by the American Heart Association to reduce the risk of death from heart disease and stroke.  Other research suggest omega-3 oils protect the brain.  Dry Eye is the most common complaint of people who visit an eye doctor.  It's a chronic disease that occurs from either decreased tear production or increased tear film evaporation.  Tears become too salty, causing chronic burning and a sandy-gritty irritation in the eyes.  While it is often seen in aging baby boomers, factors that contribute to its prevalence include increased computer use and an increase in diabetes.