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Pycnogenol Beneficial to Type II Diabetics

French maritime pine bark extract may lower blood glucose levels and make blood vessels healthier in Type II diabetics, according to a study published in the March issue of Diabetes Care.  The open, controlled study followed 30 Type II diabetics between the ages of 28 and 64 for 12 weeks.  After participating in a month-long diet and exercise program, subjects were supplemented with 50 mg/d (milligrams per day) of Pycnogenol for three weeks, followed by 100 mg/d for three weeks, 200 mg/d for another three weeks, and finally 300 mg/d for an additional three weeks.  Measurements of postprandial glucose and insulin were taken after each treatment period.  Fasting blood glucose was lowered from 8.64 mmol/L to 7.54 mmol/L with 100 mg/d of Pycnogenol to 300 mg/d of Pycnogenol.  The maximum decrease of postprandial glucose was observed with 200 mg/d of Pycnogenol to 10.07 mmol/L.