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Panax Ginseng

Ginseng is a very unique herb that has an effect on a wide range of ailments.  The ability to remedy so many different conditions within the body is reflected in the generic name, panax, from the Greek word panakes, meaning "all healing."  The Latin word panax itself means "cure-all."  For centuries, Asian practitioners have relied on ginseng, and have used it along with balancing herbs to restore and invigorate.


The best way to describe what ginseng does is to say its main activity is as an adaptogen in helping people to respond to stress-related conditions; to improve immunity, provide strength, endurance, longevity, concentration, alertness, and resistance to disease.  Ginseng calms the anxious and stressed, yet energizes the sick and fatigued.  It's powerful, yet safe for daily use.  When talking about herbs, an adaptogen is an herb that helps restore and normalize bodily processes.  In this 24/7 world, fatigue and stress are complaints we frequently hear about.  Ginseng can be a powerful ally.