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The business was successful, and Theresa and Patrick found themselves becoming living examples of what they were teaching their customers. With proper nutrition, they were able to handle the stress of working 80 hours per week but it was still clearly time to hire some employees. Over the years, our staff members have helped thousands of customers and all of them continue to carry out Nutrition Stop's first commitment, which is serving the customer. No matter what the issue, every employee is willing to go the extra mile to find solutions so that their customers can enjoy the best health possible.

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A Family Business

Our History

In the 1970's, Nutrition Stop founder Theresa Mulhern challenged herself to live a healthy lifestyle. In 1977, she married Patrick Mulhern, and he also made the lifestyle change. Unfortunately, there were no health food stores in St. Charles County. Theresa had managed two other health food stores in St. Louis County, and with that experience under her belt, she decided the time was right to make another big change. On January 18, 1986, she opened Nutrition Stop in St. Peters, MO.


Originally located in a modest 1200 square foot store, Nutrition Stop squeezed as much stock as possible into the available space. Shelves were stocked mainly with vitamins, but also contained food items, natural cosmetics, and books. In addition, there was a small selection of refrigerated and frozen foods. As it turned out, Pat and Theresa weren't the only ones hoping for a good health food store in St. Charles County. After a year and a half of building the new business, Theresa needed some assistance. Having eight years of experience in the grocery business, Patrick was the perfect candidate. Husband and wife joined forces and the business continued to flourish. By its third birthday, Nutrition Stop had outgrown its “starter home.” In January 1989, the business moved into a 3600 square foot store only two doors down from it's original location.

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From the start of business in 1986, food became a primary focus that continues to this day. And, as anyone who has shopped here can probably tell you, any conversation with a staff member usually includes the question, “How is your diet?” According to Patrick, “We are committed to educating people. The first step to a healthy lifestyle is a healthy diet. In fact, most of our shelf space is dedicated to natural, unrefined, and organic food.” If answering the diet question makes you uneasy, rest assured that the staff at Nutrition Stop will understand. We are all on the road to health, and we all start from different points along the way. Some of us even take long detours or get lost. We can help you learn to take better care of yourself wherever you are on that journey.