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Evening Primrose Oil

Many women find that evening primrose oil can be particularly useful at certain times of the menstrual cycle.  This is because evening primrose oil contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA), a fatty acid which is converted by the body into hormone-like substances (Prostaglandins).  Prostaglandins have a role in many processes relevant to menstruation.  It is thought that essential fatty acids and Prostaglandins can damp down the effects of the hormone prolactin which is responsible for many of the common PMS symptoms, such as irritability, depression, breast pain, bloating, headaches, and cramps.


Anti Inflammatory


Evening primrose oil can also have other beneficial health effects due to its essential fatty acid content.  It may have a role in lowering high cholesterol levels, reducing blood pressure, easing pain in rheumatoid arthritis, and maintaining smooth and healthy skin.