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Alternatives For Childhood Ear Infections

Why do children’s ear infections keep coming back despite multiple courses of antibiotics? Because they’re mostly caused by viruses, not bacteria.  Antibiotics don’t treat the cause ofthe problem, they just provide temporary relief of the symptoms. Try these safe and effective alternatives next time your child starts coming down with an ear infection.

* Garlic-mullein ear drops – A blend of garlic, mullein, and St. John’s wort in an olive-oil based launches an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial attack against ear infections.  Mullein is a natural decongestant, and while the oil seeps through the eardrum membrane to break up mucus buildup, the garlic’s natural antibacterial qualties help reduce pain.  Try Wally’s Natural Ear Oil (wallysnatural.com).

* Glutathione – A potent antioxidant and free-radical scavenger, glutathione nasal spray proved 65 percent effective in relieving chronic fluid in the ears.

* Echinacea – Enhances the immune system to boost resistance to viruses.  Echinacea, a purple coneflower extract increases your body’s production of whie blood cells, which defends your body against infection.

* Probiotics – Antibiotics kill the good bacterial in the intestines. In short, probiotics use good bacteria to fight off bad bacteria from multiplying and cause sicknesses. Its very important for overall health to replenish this good bacteria after taking a round of antibiotics.
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